Sunday, June 30, 2019

BetAmerica Promo and BetAmerica Offer Codes Horse Racing and USA Legal Sportsbook

BetAmerica promo code and offer codes are given based on the type of site and more, the most popular offer can be found here CLICK HERE

BetAmerica offers Horses, Greyhounds, and Sportsbook.
USA Legal, your eligibility to participate will depend on local laws, and the site has that built in. Betonline, online betting, bet america, betting sites, horse racing games, and sign up bonus.

Wagers are straightforward Win, Place SHOW , QUIN, EX. TRI, SUPER, HI5mPICK3/4//5/6

You get 100% on horses up to 100 and 100% up to 500 on sports.


Thursday, March 28, 2019

Twinspires Promo Code 2019


Twinspires Promo Code GATOR is the Promo code you want to use to get the best possible Derby Bonus. You get $100 Sign up Bonus, plus free Powerplays and picks via Brisnet for any given track you wager on. Lets be honest the favorite has won this event the last 3 years.
I am going to tell you for three years in a row the Twinspires Profit Lines TM which are free in the Tools section of the classic interface. They have picked the tri in some fashion within a 1 over 7 spread, and as tight as a 1 over 3 spread. Maybe that's not where your betting as big bets on the winner are what pays the money. You will get better win odds on horses at the Derby and higher payouts. With Twinspires being a Churchill Downs company, they pay fast, by check , ACH, and more. CLICK 

Thanks for stopping by my site. This years derby is going to be great

If you want to read more on Twinspires Promo Code GATOR

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Off Track Betting Horse Racing


I am writing to let you know of some great features I have found within the site.

It is an ADW or Advanced Wagering deposit facility.

Now, the beauty of this is that they allow you to play every co-mingled pool with the host tracks, and will allow you to place any and all available wagers. Recently on other versions other than Classic Twinspires you can bet the Omni or Swinger wager with UK and SA tracks. Twinspires offers tracks from around the world and lots of jackpots and contests.

The things I liked about my recent study of the PL available under TOOLS from the classic interface.

A very promising statistic came to light

The selections are numbered below the ML odds as to Top pick, 2nd etc.

The patterns on the Super High Five that succeeded the most are

12/12/34/34/567 $12 on $1 , $6 on .50 cents.

second was 5/12/12/346/346

third was 5/136/136/4

Now the statistical analysis I used determined these were the most popular winning combinations (for entertainment only). Anyway, I used the top one to hit the Super High Five at Santa Anita on FRI.

So test worked.

I recommend you watch it and determine which pattern of bets best fits your budget.

Another great thing I like about Twinspires is FAST CASH OUTS, through checking or by mail checks are sent quickly. So winning Pays!

For the best Promos on and a $100 Sign up bonus plus tons of perks from the site please use Twinspires Promo Code GATOR.

Thanks and GOOD LUCK!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Horse Race Betting Questions

Here are some common questions about my post:

1) Where can I find the PL odds.

A: Updated daily at you usually see them under TOOLS and Options

Simply arrange them in order and notice the Race Tab where you can select all to view all odds for the day after arranging them from 1 to 5 with the PL middle tab below (you'll see)

Please keep in mind, to review my other post. I will delve deeply into my study of the PL

Here is a good one to watch and you may profit from it from time to time.

ML:6/1 PL:9/5 Rated : 1

Ok, this particular trend has been seen to deliver 7-1 and 8-1 winners, skip exotics, getting $50 to win on this type of play will do just as well as any exotic.

If you feel like it Place and Show pay well too....(based on %)


Furthermore, the TWINSPIRES PROMOCODE is GATOR, and you get a $100 SIGN UP BONUS (See T&C), and also if you notice on the site powerplays and picks are FREE when you wager on any track, often PP's are FREE but some aren't . But it is an awesome fast paying site, with the features one would expect in a GREAT Advanced Deposit Wagering site.


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Horse Race Betting


Today I would like to talk about and offer advice on using  to use the Profit Lines and profit.

1st thing. PL Odds of 4/5 or EVEN are presumed to be a WIN OR PLACE HORSE

Second when you see 4/5 7/2 EXACTA BOX or key 1 over 2 if that feels right.


4/5 6/1 12/1 18/1 25/1

Clearly that is a box as you always stay below the odds of 10 on your cutoffs.

Just what I have learned.

Here we go again , played one of these last night and it worked great.


4/5 6/1 9/1 13/1 25/1

This is an Exacta Key 1 over 2

Your saying well hey these Exactas are low payers that is why you have to HAMMER THEM. I play $20 and $50 exacta's using the above method and clear a few hundred extra every few days keeping my bankroll intact, and sometimes, up and down.

OK Thanks for listening if you need a TWINSPIRES PROMO CODE for the site mine is GATOR, and you get GREAT PERKS, and COMP POINTS (TSC REWARDS), and more, free powerplays when you wager on a track, call them if you have any questions, and also You get $100 bonus, see T&C.