Saturday, March 8, 2014

Off Track Betting Horse Racing


I am writing to let you know of some great features I have found within the site.

It is an ADW or Advanced Wagering deposit facility.

Now, the beauty of this is that they allow you to play every co-mingled pool with the host tracks, and will allow you to place any and all available wagers. Recently on other versions other than Classic Twinspires you can bet the Omni or Swinger wager with UK and SA tracks. Twinspires offers tracks from around the world and lots of jackpots and contests.

The things I liked about my recent study of the PL available under TOOLS from the classic interface.

A very promising statistic came to light

The selections are numbered below the ML odds as to Top pick, 2nd etc.

The patterns on the Super High Five that succeeded the most are

12/12/34/34/567 $12 on $1 , $6 on .50 cents.

second was 5/12/12/346/346

third was 5/136/136/4

Now the statistical analysis I used determined these were the most popular winning combinations (for entertainment only). Anyway, I used the top one to hit the Super High Five at Santa Anita on FRI.

So test worked.

I recommend you watch it and determine which pattern of bets best fits your budget.

Another great thing I like about Twinspires is FAST CASH OUTS, through checking or by mail checks are sent quickly. So winning Pays!

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Thanks and GOOD LUCK!